My 3 year old daughter loves the classes and
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Pierre is an extremely dedicated and patient teacher. I remember the 1st day I brought her to see Pierre; she has slight development delays and refused to play. Pierre was very patient and was able to win her over: Within a couple of weeks, she started showing a lot of enthusiasm for piano and her lessons. Pierre takes a very methodical approach even with young students which works very well as he makes it fun also.

-Muna C.

I have been playing guitar for five years and
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switching over to piano is a bit tricky. However, Pierre knew where to start me in order for me to fully understand theory and develop good technique on the piano. He understands I am driven and focused in music and gives me the right amount of material I need to continue my passion.

-Dylan W.

Pierre is a patient teacher that makes learning
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the piano extremely fun. He lets me go at my own pace and relates the material very clearly! Most importantly, I LOVE being able to log in and view or change upcoming lessons. I can also make my lesson payments online. Pierre has made it extremely easy and convenient for me to take piano lessons. A+!!!

-Jason S.

Pierre, thanks so much for being patient with
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Sydney. It is hard for me to get her to practice, but she has been doing much better than when we tried with her last teacher! She seems much more interested in learning! We have to make sure to keep it fun for her! Great job!

-Jenn B.

Pierre is a very good instructor. He’s patient and
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knowledgeable and adapts to my piano learning level. He encourages and includes fun music to keep me interested. I enjoy my lessons each week.

-Letrice M.

Mr. Pierre is a very good teacher for my 6 year
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old daughter, and understands how the kids’ minds work. He is very professional too. Treats and stickers help too… :)

-Parnima J.

Pierre is an amazing teacher. He is very
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ambitious in making sure his students know everything about piano. For the short time Pierre has worked with my two boys (ages 6 and 7) they have really excelled. Pierre is very down to earth and is very passionate about his work. I would recommend Pierre to anybody of any age looking for lessons; he goes above and beyond to make sure his students continue to have passion for music.

-Ammia C.

Pierre does a great job teaching Nathika.
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I like being able to make online lesson payments and it’s good to have automatic lesson reminders sent to my email.

-Devi S.

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Pierre teaches my 7 and 10 year old children.
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Both were very excited when they were able to come home after their very first lesson and play a song on the piano, even though it was very simple. They both are learning at a good pace. The lessons are not so hard that they get frustrated and not so easy that they get board. I take it as a good sign that my kids never complain when I ask them to practice and they often practice without being asked. Pierre is also very organized and professional. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

-Dana S.

Pierre is extremely patient and knowledgable. I
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look forward to my lessons with him.

-Claudia W.