Student Handbook


Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our general information, policies, and procedures.



For your convenience, tuition payments are safely and automatically deducted monthly from your credit card or checking account via Stripe. Alternatively, you may choose to pay in cash if you prefer. Invoices are sent monthly via e-mail and the amount due varies depending on how many lessons/weeks are in the month. Tuition is due the 1st of each month, and considered late after the 7th. Any tuition paid after the 7th will be assessed with a 5% surcharge of your monthly bill.

Feel free to contact us for special circumstances and necessary exceptions before the due date, and we will be happy to work with you!

Lessons During The School Year:

During the school year, September 1st through May 31st, lessons are scheduled on a weekly basis on the same day and time every week. We do not schedule sporadic lesson times; however, the student does have the option of registering for more than one lesson per week.
Student absences during the school year require a 2-hour minimum notice. If a lesson is missed and the 2-hour minimum notice is not given, the lesson will be forfeited; no make-up lesson or refunds will be provided. Make-up lessons are usually scheduled on Saturday mornings.

We observe the same holidays/school closures as Coppell ISD. If schools are closed last-minute due to inclement weather, we will also cancel piano lessons and issue a lesson credit/refund for any missed lessons due to inclement weather.

Lessons During The Summer:

During the summer, June 1st through August 31st, lessons are scheduled on a weekly basis on the same day and time every week; we do not schedule sporadic lesson times.

During the summer, students may choose to take off 3 classes and still keep their current time slot; they will not be charged for these missed classes and no make-up classes are required. Students who miss more than 3 consecutive classes must either make-up the additional missed classes or forfeit their time slot. Should they should to forfeit their time slot, they should contact Pierre 1 or 2 weeks before they wish to start lessons again and a new time slot, if available, will be given.

Student absences during the summer require a 2-hour minimum notice. If a lesson is missed and the 2-hour minimum notice is not given, the lesson will be forfeited; no make-up lesson or refunds will be provided. Make-up lessons are usually scheduled on Saturday mornings.

Teacher Absences:

Occasionally, it may be necessary for Pierre to be absent due to illness, etc. In the event that this takes place, you will be contacted to reschedule. If a lesson cancelled by Pierre cannot be made up due to scheduling conflicts, you will receive a refund on your next month’s invoice if the lesson has already been paid for.

Discontinuing Lessons:

A 30-day written notice is required for students discontinuing lessons for any reason, no exceptions. If no notice is given, the tuition for the subsequent 30 days will be invoiced to the student.

Books and Materials:

Students will be given a list of needed books and materials to purchase. It is the responsibility of the student/parent to purchase books and bring them to each lesson. Books may be purchased at Music and Arts, Pender’s Music, or online at On occasion, the instructor may allow a student to borrow a book. We ask that all borrowed books be returned in the condition that they were borrowed, and in a timely manner. If Studio books are not returned, you may be charged the replacement cost. Students are required to bring their books to each lesson. If a student forgets their books, it will be up to the discretion of the instructor whether the lesson will be modified or cancelled. No make up lessons or tuition deductions will be given for lessons cancelled due to forgotten materials.

Late Arrival:

Please make every effort to arrive to your scheduled lesson on time, or call if you see that you will not be on time. If you are late, your instructor will do their best to work within the time that is left. However, please understand that, due to scheduling constraints, we will not extend the lesson beyond our originally scheduled time. No makeup lessons will be given for late arrival. No tuition deductions will be made for missed time due to late arrival.


The Studio carries the same policy as the school district in regards to illness. If a student has not attended school for the day due to illness, he/she will not be able to attend a Studio Lesson. Please keep your child home if he/ she has symptoms of illness such as fever, rash, runny nose/sneezing, vomiting, diarrhea, body aches, etc. To return to lessons, it is asked that the child be free of symptoms for 24 hours. Germs are passed to one another very easily, and we want to keep everyone healthy! Your help with this is appreciated!


The Studio has one Recital each year. In May, we will come together for
a Formal Recital, providing students will experience in formal performance and large group settings. This Recital will take place in a venue with a large stage, Grand Piano, and full lights and sound. A Recital Fee will be due with April’s tuition should you choose to enroll in the recital. This will help to cover the costs of facility rental, awards, refreshments, program printing, etc. To ensure that you are given adequate notice for scheduling, the Recital Dates are given at the beginning of each school year, and are as follows:

– Saturday in May 2018 at 2:15pm. Exact date TBD.

The dress code for the recital is semi-formal. More details will be released closer to the dates.

Sibling Discounts:

For families with more than one child enrolled in lessons, the first child‟s monthly tuition will be full price, the second will receive a 10% discount, the third a 20% discount, etc.

Studio Etiquette:

Communication with parents is vital to a child’s progress. Please feel free to chat with your instructor during the lesson time. However, please keep in mind that we are not available beyond your scheduled time. If you would like to discuss anything beyond, please feel free to email or call. During a child’s lesson, parents are welcome in the studio room, but are also free to stay in the waiting area or leave the Studio for a quick errand. We do ask, however, that parents do not leave other children at the Studio while they leave.

We ask that you please remove all shoes when entering Pierre’s home so as to not track any dirt inside.

For any additional questions, feel free to contact Pierre directly.