Piano Lessons in 3 easy steps


Step 1:

[service title=”Trial Meeting.” icon=”http://pierrecohenpiano.com/wp-content/uploads/bubble.png”] E-mail me at pierre@pierrecohenpiano.com to set up a free trial meeting at my studio. During the meeting, I will assess the student’s skill level. Whether the student wants to learn songs for fun or wants serious piano instruction, my custom-tailored lessons will be suited to meet his/her needs.[/service]

Step 2:

[service title=”Set a Schedule.” icon=”http://pierrecohenpiano.com/wp-content/uploads/calendar.png” size=”32″] During the trial meeting, the student’s lessons will be scheduled. Lessons occur on a weekly basis and last either 30 or 60 minutes; click here to view my availability. Before the trial meeting ends, specific books & materials will be assigned. All books/materials can be purchased locally at Pender’s Music or online at Amazon.com. Click here to view a directory of my books & materials.[/service]

Step 3:

[service title=”Online Registration.” icon=”http://pierrecohenpiano.com/wp-content/uploads/pencil-final.png” size=”32″] At the end of the meeting I will register the student in our online system: “Music Teacher’s Helper”. To speed up the registration process, you can also register online by filling out the student information form. Once registered, you will be able to view upcoming lessons, maintain a practice log, receive lesson reminders, and even pay for lessons safely and securely via Paypal or credit card. [/service]

Click HERE to view my teaching methods.

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